There are plenty of dining opportunities for all visitors, regardless of your preference or budget. Cancun offers more than 200 restaurants to tempt your taste buds after a long day relaxing in the sun. You can enjoy a savory steak or succulent seafood and fine wine prepared by a professional chef at one of the area's romantic five-star restaurants. If you prefer ethnic cuisine, you will find numerous choices and families can enjoy a meal at one of the fun theme restaurants or cheaper fast-food options. If you are not as adventurous, you can enjoy a traditional American meal at restaurants such as the Hard Rock Cafe, Tony Roma's, Pizza Hut or TGI Friday's. There is also no shortage of charming outdoor cafes in Cancun. You can enjoy a light meal while people watching or enjoy a refreshing Margarita while viewing an amazing tropical sunset with someone special.

Local Cuisine

For an authentic taste of traditional Mayan fare, we recommend you try out at least one local restaurant located in the downtown area. Yucatan cooking is widely regarded as some of the finest in all of Mexico. You can enjoy everything from cochinita pibil, suckling pig baked in banana leaves, to panuchos, delicious tortillas filled with spicy chicken, pickled onions and fried black beans. You can also sample local specialties by visiting the bustling food stalls in Cancun's authentic markets.

Dinner Cruises

Another popular option is to book a romantic dinner cruise. Sail the Caribbean seas and enjoy a delicious meal while taking in the Cancun's beautiful skyline, savor a fresh lobster dinner while aboard a Captain Hook pirate ship or enjoy an exciting Caribbean show on a dinner cruise to nearby Isla Mujeres. Night fishing tours also provide a very unique dining experience; you can try your hand battling the local marine life and then enjoy the day's catch cooked by one of the chefs.

Mexican Fiestas

Last but not least, don't forget the Mexican fiestas. No Cancun vacation would be complete without taking in a fun-filled authentic dinner show. You can enjoy a delicious buffet, mouth-watering margaritas accompanied by traditional Mexican dance and music, from mariachi to marimba.

Dinner & Dance

If you enjoy music and live performances, purchase tickets for a traditional Mexican buffet dinner followed by a colorful and lively performance by the Ballet Folklorico de Cancun. This talented dance troupe performs authentic regional dances accompanied by live musicians.