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There are so many accommodation options in Cancun that you'll have no problem finding a hotel or resort to suit your budget. You'll find everything from very basic low-budget rooms in the downtown area to opulent five-star luxury beach front hotels in the hotel zone. Many of the resorts are also all inclusive so you don't have to worry about paying extra for activities, drinks or meals. Other hotels cater to couples or adults only, but you'll also find plenty of family-friendly resorts that welcome children of all ages.

Please consult the following list of Cancun resorts and hotels to help you find the most suitable accommodation. You can click on each hotel or resort name to obtain more detailed information about the property.

Star Rating System

We have rated each Cancun hotel or resort out of a possible 6 stars, based on criteria such as cleanliness, price, comfort, available services and on-site amenities. If you want the very best accommodations, make sure to look for hotels and resorts rated 5 or 6 stars. Unless you're on a very limited budget, you may want to avoid the one or two-star options.